Group Leader

Håkon Dahle is leading the ‘Marine Systems Biology’ theme at CBU. In this theme computational methods are used to get a better understanding of complex biological systems. Dahles current research focuses on:



  • Modelling and characterization of chemical and biological dynamis of land-based Recirculationg Aquaculture Systmems (RAS)
  • Impact of high and low organic loads in RAS
  • Evaluation of strategies for removing pathogens from RAS
  • Decay rates of viral particles in marine settings
  • The microbial ecology of Deep Sea Hydrothermal system.
  • The energetics of biological production in hydrothermal systems.


There are no Postdocs in the Dahle Group at the moment

PhD students

Emily Maria Denny is a PhD student at the Department of Biology (University of Bergen). She is deciphering connections between geochemical settings of natural systems, chemical energy fluxes, and distributions of microbial species and their genes. Her work is primarily focused on microbiomes of deep sea hydrothermal systems.

Marie Aline Montjourides is a PhD student at the Department of Biology (University of Bergen). She is characterizing and modelling chemical and biological dynamics in RAS systems.

Master students

Previous members

Achim Mall was a Postdoc in the Dahle group  working on analyzing the diversity of autotrophic microorganisms and their carbon fixation pathways at hydrothermal systems, and how environmental factors shape their distribution.

Stian Torseth was a Master student who was comparing modelled chemical energy landscapes in hydrothermal systems with microbial community analysis using shotgun metagenomics. He was also expressing and analyzing substrate spectra of selected alcohol dehydrogenases obtained from the metagenomic data.