Month: March 2023

Tobias Ziolkowski – New Guest Researcher At CBU

Tobias Ziolkowski, a guest researcher joining Michoel’s group who will work with us at CBU for 3 months.

Tobias started his PhD in January 2022 after two years of research experience at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. His working group “Magmatic and Hydrothermal Systems” at GEOMAR focuses on the topics oceanic volcanism, petrology, marine mineral resources and seafloor modelling.
Especially in the field of seafloor modelling, data sets from the deep sea are regularly used to map the oceans and to identify interesting underwater structures. Seafloor mapping depends strongly on the data quality of the recorded data.
During his PhD time so far, Tobias has dealt intensively with the identification of outlier in multibeam echo-sounder data and has already been able to automatically identify them with density- and distance-based methods and machine learning.
During the research stay Tobias hopes to enhance his skills in causal structure learning algorithms and causal inference to further optimize my approach.

Meije Mathe – New internship student at CBU

We are glad to host Meije Mathe, a MSc Bioinformatics student at the University of Rouen Normandie, in France. Along with her master’s degree, Meije worked for 2 years as an apprentice at the Institute Pasteur of Paris.
The aim of her apprenticeship project was to decipher the informational content of epigenome mediated regulation in the switch from a healthy to a cancerous cell state.
She learned a lot about epigenetics, cancer development in humans, and developed a new method for epigenomics data integration.
Meije is very enthusiastic to start her M2 internship at the CBU, under the supervision of Håkon Dahle.
This will be a great opportunity to explore new research fields in a different cultural environment, as well as gaining professional experience before enrolling in a PhD program.
Meije’s work here will focus on investigating the phylogeny of dominating metagenomics assembled genomes from various hydrothermal systems along the Arctic Mid Ocean Ridge.