Month: February 2022

NRC Funding To The Project With Tom Michoel As A Partner

The project “New technologies for target discovery in neuropsychiatric disorders” was selected for funding in the Technological Convergence Related to Enabling Technologies call of the Norwegian Research Council. The project will be led by Jan Haavik with CBU group leader Tom Michoel as a partner. The group of Tom Michoel will be responsible for integrating large-scale pharmacogenomics data for target gene selection in a drug discovery pipeline.

CBU Leader Eivind Valen – Congratulation On The Grant!

CBU group leader Eivind Valen and Emma Haapaniemi from NCMM got the grant for the project “CRISPR-Cas9 corrected T cells for personalized therapy”. It aims to develop novel methods for personalized gene therapy. Specifically, they will create a computational and clinical CRISPR-Cas9-based editing platform for primary immunodeficiency disease therapy. The project will provide both specific therapies for these diseases and general tools for personalized gene therapy.