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Successful PhD Defense – Unraveling the Mysteries of the Translatome.

On March 12th Håkon Tjeldnes successfully defended his PhD thesis titled: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Translatome.
Protein synthesis, also called translation, is a fundamental process in gene regulation. The translation process consists simply of molecules, called ribosomes, using RNA as a template to create proteins that the cell needs. However, it has been uncovered that translation processes are much more complex than initially assumed. To explore protein synthesis at a detailed level, the development of “Ribo-seq,” also known as Ribosome Profiling data, has been crucial. Ribo-seq is a molecular biological technique that enables the observation of ribosome activity. In his work, he has focused on current challenges in the field by proposing practical and applicable solutions. The thesis presents a collection of tools specifically developed for the analysis of Ribo-seq data. These contributions aim to fill existing gaps in the field and provide researchers with valuable resources to expand their understanding of translation processes:

Florian Pierre Echelard – New PhD researcher

We are welcoming a new PhD student at CBU! Florian Pierre Echelard has Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, specialized in biostatistics and structural bioinformatics from Nantes Universitéstarted. His PhD project is a part of the collaboration between labs with expertise in Bioinformatics, Deep Learning and Biochemistry under the supervision of prof. Nathalie Reuter. The goal is to further the knowledge of Peripheral Membrane Proteins using a combination of data and pipelines already developed and more recent work.

Fynn Frederic Wolf – new PhD student

This week we have welcomed Fynn Frederic Wolf as our new PhD student. Fynn received his Master’s degree in Physics with specialization in biophysics from the University of Copenhagen in 2021. PhD topic will be on the formation of stress granules. The focus will lie on the description and modelling of the system pathway. Wolf will be supervised by prof. Sushma Nagaraja Grellscheid and prof. Susanna Röblitz from the Department of Informatics.

PhD Internship From Digital Life Norway

Parveen Gartan and Belén García Pascual have been awarded a PhD internship from Digital Life Norway. Parveen is a PhD student at the Dpt of Chemistry and CBU in the Reuter group and will spend three-months at Astra Zeneca. Belén is at the Dpt of Mathematics, in the CBU-affiliated Stochastic Biology Group and will spend her internship at DNV. CBU is proud and excited to see Parveen and Belén going to explore opportunities outside the academic “bubble”.