Meije Mathe – New internship student at CBU

We are glad to host Meije Mathe, a MSc Bioinformatics student at the University of Rouen Normandie, in France. Along with her master’s degree, Meije worked for 2 years as an apprentice at the Institute Pasteur of Paris.
The aim of her apprenticeship project was to decipher the informational content of epigenome mediated regulation in the switch from a healthy to a cancerous cell state.
She learned a lot about epigenetics, cancer development in humans, and developed a new method for epigenomics data integration.
Meije is very enthusiastic to start her M2 internship at the CBU, under the supervision of Håkon Dahle.
This will be a great opportunity to explore new research fields in a different cultural environment, as well as gaining professional experience before enrolling in a PhD program.
Meije’s work here will focus on investigating the phylogeny of dominating metagenomics assembled genomes from various hydrothermal systems along the Arctic Mid Ocean Ridge.